Who am I?

I am a web designer & developer, and lover of tech and pleasing design.
I build all types of (web and mobile) sites, apps, and ecommerce solutions, mainly using HTML5, JavaScript and PHP (preferably on the SilverStripe platform).
I plan, design and develop solutions, as well as maintaining linux based servers for hosting. Hence, I'm your goto person for each stage of the web development process. I of course don't know everything, but for those cases I have my great network to back me up.

Whom do I work for?

I could work for you! Given, of course that you’re a great person, and value good and well founded work.
Beyond that I work for clients all around the globe, as well as having a special work relationship with CPH Cloud Company. I’m regularily working in their offices down at the harbor in Copenhagen, Denmark, and am working for some great internationally renowned clients through them.
When I’m not working for them, I’m doing gigs with my own company, Title Web Solutions. Here are some of our clients:

Where Am I?

You can find me in cyberspace. Yeah, right here. Chances are high that you'll reach me on Twitter. If I'm not on a plane, or at some obscure corner of the world without internet access, you'll reach me there.
The physical location matters less to my work - as long as the internet is okay. My ususal resides are on the Danish or Spanish countryside, or in Madrid, Berlin, or Copenhagen.

Work / Life / What?

Given that I love my job, I work a lot - I'm my own boss after all.
I spend my spare time with my partner in life, Susana, cooking vegan food, enjoying nature, and taking in of her yoga wisdom.

Get in touch

Want to get in touch? Send me a tweet.
Don't want to tweet? Find other means contact here.